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Community Projects


Parents as Teachers Program

The Parents as Teachers Program is a national program that works through local agencies to provide the information, support, and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life. HPDP partners with the Roosevelt County Health Department to provide the needed care for all who qualify through out the Fort Peck Reservation. The providers of this program focus on parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being.


  • Home visits

  • Group activities

  • Child development

  • Wellness screenings

  • Positive family connections


This program serves

  • Teen parent/pregnant woman

  • Substance abuser/parent with a history of substance abuse

  • Parent with low educational attainment/low student achievement

  • Parent with a history of child abuse or neglect

  • Child with development delays/disabilities or chronic health conditions

  • Low-income parent

  • Families with social and/or geographical isolation

  • Users of tobacco products in the home

  • Families that include current or former members of the armed forces

Contact Donelle Buckles 406-768-7842 or Angeline Red Thunder 406-768-7287



Incorporating and building on longstanding traditional and cultural relationships between Native individuals and their horses, HPDP offers equine assisted therapy to help clients of all ages regain a connection within themselves to respect, survival, mindfulness, awareness, empathy, tolerance, self-control, responsibility and resilience. Equine therapy is a form of experiential therapy that is built on the close interactions between an individual patient and a horse. This type of therapy focuses on mental, social, environmental and physical challenges. HPDP offers 3 types of equine therapy:

Native American Equine Assisted Therapy – The connection one has with a horse helps to rebuild strength and overcome functional barriers of mental health challenges created by chemical dependency and other addictions the patient has acquired through traumatic, dysfunctional, and stressful situations.

Eagala Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – Horses are large, powerful creatures, yet are sensitive and non-verbal; the ability of the patient to find ways to interact and communicate becomes an integral and valuable part of their therapeutic goals and work.

Hippotherapy  – This is a Greek word meaning the therapeutic use of horses.  This treatment incorporates the use of horseback riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means of improving coordination, balance, and strength.  This therapy may be performed with an occupational therapist and an equine specialist, a horse, and a single client.

Summer Food Program

The HPDP program has been a sponsor of the summer food program in past years. This year is a bit of a different situation due to the COVID-19 virus. The summer food program is having its funding reduced and their locations to prepare and store food reduced by space and time. The HPDP program would like to offer help this year by providing a space for food to be prepared and stored over the summer. HPDP is going to utilize an existing building as a place to prep and store the supplies for the summer food program, and will also use the space to prepare the bagged breakfasts and lunches to give to the children. For future years HPDP is working on getting two food trucks for next summer to distribute the food to outlining communities safely.

Dental Mobile Unit

The Fort Peck Tribes HPDP Program is bringing quality dental care to each of the communities on the Reservation with the new Mobile Dental Unit. This mobile unit has three complete dental operatories. State of the Art equipment is available at each of the dental chairs. All aspects of dental care, including X-ray exams, Tele-dentistry, and a small lab for processing and repair of dental prosthesis will be available. Care provided by licensed dental hygienists will always be available and until full-time dentists are recruited, we will have locum dentists that comply with the HIS requirements to practice dentistry, when they are available. The unit has access for all handicap needs. The providers will see patients of all ages, from preschool to the elder community. School children will be required to have the same permission documents necessary for all other HPDP services in each of the schools. The dental unit will be parked at each of the Reservation Schools, which will provide the necessary electrical and water necessary for the mobile unit. Good dental health is one of the most significant aspects of health promotion because poor dental health can be the precursor of diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions that affect all of us on the Reservation.

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